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Our Services

Custom grooming and styling for the entire family in a clean, comfortable environment. Our professional team provides: men’s haircut and shave, women’s haircut and eyebrow trimming, boys and girls haircuts and designs, and more.

Custom Cuts and Styles

Express yourself

Whether conservative or expressive, get the look to fit your personal style. From crown to sole you are unique!

Perfect Shave

Smooth to the touch

The "Perfect Cut" deserves the "Perfect Shave". Give your face a lift. You'll love the new you.

Peppermint Soothing Hot Rag

Finish up with some skin therapy

Activates cold-sensitive receptors in the skin, for a cooling sensation for the face, neck and scalp.

People and Environment

Enjoy a clean, professional and relaxing atmosphere

Over 20 years combined experience to serve you well. We know, we care and we deliver "A Cut Above The Rest".

Who we areWhat makes us "A Cut Above The Rest"?

Urban Concepts was established in 2009 to service every individual to the highest standard, in a warm and personal environment. Over 20 years of combined experience servicing all ages and a variety of styles.

Hair FactsFrom your specialists

Male hair is denser than female hair

Hair Fact #1

Average number of hairs on the head: 100,000

Hair Fact #2

Lifespan of hair: 2-7 years

Hair Fact #3

Split ends cannot be repaired and need to be cut

Hair Fact #4